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What is Remineralizing Tooth Powder & Why You Need it?

Remineralizing tooth powder is a natural toothpaste alternative that is filled with vitamins and minerals that will help keep your teeth strong and healthy, while also creating an alkaline environment in the mouth. Whenever you eat foods that can lower the pH of your mouth your enamel can begin to undergo a process called demineralization. When this happens...


Benefits of Calcium Bentonite Clay for Oral Health

Bentonite clay has many known benefits when it comes to its skin care and detoxifying qualities. But did you know that there are many benefits when it comes to your oral health too!


How to Use Tooth Powders

Wondering how to use tooth powder? Well it’s a pretty easy task with multiple options, with each choice being based mainly on a matter of personal preference. In this post I will discuss FOUR different ways to get your tooth powder onto your toothbrush!


Benefits of Xylitol for Oral Health

Xylitol a crystal like all natural sweetener that looks like sugar, taste like sugar, but unlike sugar its actually good for your teeth! Derived from either trees, like the birch tree, or plants like corn, this sugar substitute has many wonderful benefits when it comes to oral health!